4PlayerAnimecast Episode 78 – The Everybody Dies Show! (10/7/2017) + Neo Yokio Sidecast!

Hey all,

Spire here with the podcast! Sorry for the delays – real life caught up to me. I know this, as the first podcast of the season, is especially important, so many apologies. We’re back with a vengeance and reviewing big names here and there, so watch out for that. Toast is also back – with audio malfunctions!

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Twitch VOD – Part 1 || Part 2

YouTube – Part 1 || Part 2

MP3 – Part 1 || Part 2

Series covered (Timestamps included): Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara (09:43 starting from Pt.1 to end), Urahara (0:20 starting from Pt. 2), Ousama Game (12:48), Kino no Tabi (34:01), News/Shoutouts & Callouts (59:25)


Dark and I also did a live reaction sidecast to the new Western-Japanese hybrid animation Neo Yokio – listeners can also sync it up to when we start for the full experience. Let us know what you think! It was quite the ride.

Neo Yokio Episode 1 Live Reactions and Review (with Dark and Spire) – Twitch YouTube MP3

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