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Current Podcast Members/Staff

Spirewrecker – Podcast Member, Site Administrator, Social Media Manager

Favorite Genres/Series: Slice-of-life, Romantic comedy; Hyouka, NichijouKyousogiga

Likes: Coherent character interactions and plot

Dislikes: People trying to justify bad series

Spirewrecker is one of the founding members of the 4PlayerAnimecast brand and is a dogged consumer of anime/manga/VN/etc. Although he does have a soft spot for slice-of-life and a tendency to skip over mecha series more than may be fair, he will give everything a sensible look. However – whether it’s meaningless trivia, yuri/yaoi, character introspections, grandiose political plot, or mahou shoujo dying in the sewers, if a series is going to do something, they had better do it well. You can often find him ranting about Hanazawa Kana’s lack of acting abilities during podcast livestreams.

Nierandfar – Podcast Member, Streamer

Toastpoints – Podcast Member, Streamer

Favorite Genres/Series: Ripoff Chinese Knockoffs

Likes: Ripoff Chinese Knockoffs

Dislikes: Seo Kouji works, especially Suzuka and Fuuka

Darksoul9669 – Podcast Member

Favorite Genres/Series: Serial Experiments Lain, Railgun/Index, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Spice and Wolf, K-on, Hyouka (Frozen Dessert)Redline

Likes: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life, Action, Actual fucking character development

Dislikes: Getting baited by Yuri!!! on Ice, Time travel, Inconsistent tones (TTGL ending), Over-explanations, Crunchyroll, Fujos and shallow fujo comedy (gay jokes can’t carry a show)

Retired/On Hiatus

Selftorment – Former Podcast Member (On Hiatus)

Kentonftw – Founder, Former Podcast Member (Retired)