Interviews & More

Here we have interviews/text content with regards to community contributors, translators, people in the anime/manga/VN/LN industry, and other interesting people with great opinions on the current state of Japanese anime/otaku culture. We try to make these personal while also asking thorough questions about the industry, the community, and the process people go through to contribute to the fans. If you have any questions or comments about these interviews, please feel free to contact us!

Non-H Manga/Doujins

roankun (Seinagi, Renzokusei Scans, Kiss Scans) [6/20/2015]

Zeroaintdead (Village Idiot Scanlations) [11/19/2014]


Jacob (FAKKU) [10/14/2015]

LustyLady00 (The Lusty Lady Project) [10/27/2014]

SaHa (SaHa translations) [5/13/2015]

Tech (gTeam/Genesis Translations, Phoenix Syndicate, SHIKIMAYA) [4/9/2017]

Light Novels/Web Novels

Frog-kun (Fantastic Memes) [4/29/2015]